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Industry Experts

In the right hands, a story has the potential to soar. Let industry experts capture the essence of your story and build a bridge between you and your dream adaptation. Visit some of the top agencies in the field.

  • Aevitas Creative Management
  • Black Chateau Enterprises
  • Fulton Books
  • Gersh
  • ICM Partners
  • Innovative Artists
  • Olympia Publishers
  • PageTurner Press and Media
  • Pippin Properties
  • Smith Publicity Inc.
  • UTA (United Talent Agency)
  • Yates and Yates

Hollywood producers are always on the lookout for great screenplays. Check out where authors submit their screenplays and connect with producers.

  • Hollywood Pitch Fest is an annual pitch festival where authors have a one-on-one meeting with Hollywood’s top personnel. This festival gives authors tips on how to pitch their stories by giving instructional videos before the event.
  • Inktip is a screenplay listing service where authors and movie producers connect. You can submit your screenplay, and filmmakers will take a look to potentially make a movie based on your screenplay.
  • Spec Scout is a competitive script coverage library that highlights the best screenplays circulating in Hollywood.

Talk to us today and let us know how we can help your story come alive on the screens.