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Literature has evolved from written masterpieces to multimedia features. This is where The Metro Films comes in. It opens doors for authors with books like The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, and The Kissing Booth, to name a few. These were stories that delighted the audiences, but more than that, they were creative works of art that caught the attention of film producers and ushered them into cinematic genius, turning them into literary sensations!

You have the opportunity to turn your written masterpiece into a box office hit. Allow your story to reach different demographics across different platforms. Wouldn’t you take that chance?

Let our trusted affiliates turn your stories into the next screen sensation. Have film executives look into the merits of your story. But before you get there, you need to be equipped for the journey.

Whether you want a movie adaptation, a TV series, or a documentary made out of your book, The Metro Films has got your back! Let our partners fulfill your dream Hollywood adaptation and get your story seen and heard across the nation. Call us today to know more about our industry expert partners or schedule an appointment with our Hollywood Book Agents.

Remember, Hollywood is just a story away!

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