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Blockbuster Spin-Offs

image source: IMDb

The Metro Films conducted a survey of the most successful spin-movies in Hollywood today! And we have quite the list for you!

Most movie franchises are successful in their own right. Filmmakers put all their talents into the first film to almost ensure that the entire franchise is beloved by the audience. However, sometimes sequels and spin-offs are not as successful or well loved. They become only fading shadows to their successors. 

Here are 5 movie spin-offs that are as successful, if not more so, than their franchise origins.

1. Bumblebee. This spin off to the Transformers franchise is definitely more well loved than the series. Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena may have a hand at that!

2. Hobbes and Shaw. The initial movie about race wars has long evolved into the action-packed spy movie it is known as today. Fast and Furious movies as well as its spin-off can apparently do no wrong.

3. Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn and her break up with Joker may have been the initial premise of the movie, but her girl friends really took the cake for this one. 

4. Logan. The original X-Men movies undoubtedly had some successes as well as some fails, but this movie is believed to be among the most successful of the bunch.

5. Rogue One. Yes, they made quite a number of Star Wars spin offs. The epic galactic battle has spanned generations and it is not over yet!

Now let’s get into some honorable mentions. Spin offs are not exclusive to the big screen. Franchises have created TV and streaming series depictions to appease the fans. MCU’s blockbuster successes has seen its fair share of this Loki, Wandavision, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are just some examples of that. Because why not? Everyone loves a good spin off!


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