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Black History Month is here! February is set apart and celebrated for the history and achievements of our fellow Americans. Historically, our integration has not been easy. The Civil War of the United States of America bore witness to that. However, it is observed and celebrated for the victory that we won in the process. We have come a long way since that era. And today, we can do the simplest things to celebrate it. Here’s eight things you can do to remember Black Heritage Month:

·        Stream your favorite movies. Hollywood may not be the best place to get information on black heritage, but it certainly is entertaining. An inspiring movie to stream this month may be 2016’s Hidden Figures. Best of all, it is based on a true story penned by Margot Lee Shetterly.

·        Read a good book. Aside from your OG history book in school, there are numerous fiction and nonfiction books about Civil Rights Movement. One interesting manuscript may be the work of James Baldwin Remember This House in 1979 who was alive during the actual movement. His manuscript, although considered unfinished, was even turned into a documentary called I Am Not Your Negro.

·        Listen to some tunes. Many of the modern songs today are influenced by jazz and blues which, no surprise, was practically started by black American communities back in the day. Today though, it is prominent everywhere! So go get your groove on and have a listen!

·        Answer some trivia. Do you know who Lewis Howard Latimer is? How about Maya Angelou? Brush up on some trivia about the achievements and contributions of our black American friends and how their contributions changed your life today!

Entertain yourself with these three feel-good activities this month or if watching, reading, and listening are not your thing, you can always go to the nearest historical museum. You are bound to find a plethora of information on African American history. If museums don’t exactly tickle your fancy either, you can call your friends and have a party at your favorite African American owned restaurant! Better yet, you can look online and do some research or even donate to a good cause!

These activities are sure to get you a great lesson and appreciation of Black Heritage and of USA for that matter.

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