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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday, to say the least. With vibrant green colors everywhere, scrumptious traditional dishes, and the annual parade of course, it is a welcome reason to go out and have fun! Nonetheless, there is something else that you can do to remember the holiday by—watch a movie!

St. Patrick’s Day in USA celebrates Irish American traditions. So it would be a natural fit to watch a movie about an Irish American, well sort of. We’re setting our sights on one of the underrated movies in the early 2000s, P.S. I Love You. It stars Academy Award winner Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Not surprisingly, it is also adapted from a novel by Cecilia Ahern who is again, not surprisingly, of Irish descent.

The movie was heavily criticized when it came out. Critics ranged from saying that it was poorly casted to it having an unrealistic plot. What does 20 plus years answer to that? Well we think it’s pretty great!

The movie casts two incredibly talented leads who’ve excelled in their respective genres but in a romantic comedy together, they do a decent job. As for the plot, you’d have to look at it with a certain perspective, and that is when you’ve lost someone you love so abruptly, how do you cope? We think that is what makes viewers appreciate it most. Plus, that view of the Irish countryside? Stellar!

Curious enough to watch it or watch it again? I know I am. So get comfortable and sport your cute green outfit. Don’t forget the corned beef and cabbage coz you’re in for a pleasantly emotional feature. Enjoy!

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