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Keep the Egg Rolling

image source: Getty Images

Easter is one of the few moving holidays—for some states at least. The origins of this holiday are religious in nature. But how did the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts get to be so popular in modern culture? 

Well Christianity certainly does not have a history of a long-eared furry creature giving eggs to kids on Easter. So are kids’ movies credited for this one? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Some sources say that the Easter Bunny symbolizes fertility and new life which coincides with the religious holy day of resurrection that is celebrated on Easter. With that history, having egg hunts kind of make sense, but that’s still not the entire story.

German immigrants are believed to have begun the U.S tradition when they made nests for hares to lay colored eggs in. This eventually spread across the states and next thing you know, the White House is hosting yearly egg rolls. 

Whether the Easter Bunny came from German immigrants or as a symbol of the season is still up in the air. What does matter are the traditions and beliefs we have that are anchored in this holiday. Will you be attending your Easter Sunday brunch this year or are you getting tickets to the famed White House egg roll? And if you don’t have any plans, sit back and watch a few classic Easter movies!

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