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Movie Makeup Magic!

image source: Cheezburger

Think of some of the most bizarre characters in your favorite films. Got the image in your head? Now think of what the actor behind that character looks like. Can you picture it? No? Well this is for you.

Here is a little peek into the world of villainy and see who the person behind the sinister character actually is.

Lord Voldemort is one of the most infamous villains in Hollywoord in, dare we say, the world! He had no hair or nose or lips or eyebrows so you can imagine how long actor Ralph Fiennes had to endure to be transformed into he who must not be named.

Another very talented actor portrayed his character for over thirty years. This one has the power to kill you in your nightmare. Yes, we’re talking about Freddy Krueger, the man who put the nightmare in Nightmare on Elm Street. This one is bald and full of burn scars! It is alleged that Robert Englund who played Freddy had to sit through a three-to-four-hour process of putting on fake teeth, makeup, and twelve pieces of latex.

The last, but certainly not the least, movie makeup magic we’ll feature for this one is Bill Skarsgard. Yes, we feature the most horrifying killer clown ever. This 2017 remake gave us a more sinister looking Pennywise. Aside from the tendency to kill, there’s that creepy smile that set his Pennywise apart from the 1990 film.

Makeup is truly a marvel and as it is used in the film industry, it can turn an average Joe into something else!

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