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Not Another Dracula Movie

image source: Cinema Express

You can never go wrong with a classic. Its story is already known and loved, and people may just be intrigued enough to know where you’ll take the plot. With the cinematic magic that exists today that was sadly lacking in the 20th century, it is curious to see how classic fantasy and horror films will be adapted if they were made in the current year. Well, there might just be an answer to that impending question.

Universal Studios’ Renfield will give its audience a unique look at the classic Dracula story where the main character is Count Dracula’s loyal henchman Renfield.

Renfield is first mentioned in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula.

To make the movie more interesting, Nicolas Cage is believed to be playing the infamous count himself, making this role a big Hollywood comeback for the actor. Director Chris McKay, in fact, is eyeing not one but two Nicholases for the movie as Nicholas Hoult is believed to be taking on the role of Renfield.

To say that the movie is interesting is for sure a fact, but what should we look forward to? Almost everybody knows the story that’s been told and retold so many times. We wager that we’ll have to wait for 2022 to find out! The movie is on its pre-production stage and is set to begin filming early next year.

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