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Riordan-verse Soon to Rule the Screens

image source:, Variety, The Nerd Daily, Penguin Books

Riordan-verse would soon dominate the screens as his Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and Daughter of the Deep would soon have their series and film adaptations. Rick Riordan shared the good news to his readers in a tweet dated November 3, 2021.

Talks about a series adaptation for Percy Jackson had been around as Riordan shared it back in 2020. Disney+ was onboard on this adaptation with James Bobin as the pilot director. As to the show’s casting, Riordan shared that it’s still in the works.

Riordan’s The Kane Chronicles, which was into Egyptian mythology, would be adapted into a film series by Netflix. The author disclosed in 2020 that negotiations about the series’ adaptation has been on the works since October 2019. As to the first movie’s release date, Netflix was yet to give an update.

In an October 7, 2021, blog post, Riordan revealed that his Daughter of the Sea would have a film adaptation courtesy of Disney+. He also stated in his blog that Mythomagic, Riordan’s and his wife’s production company, would be the film’s producers. Riordan would be cowriting with Aditi Brennan Kapil, who is a playwright and screenwriter. Riordan eyed late 2024 as the film’s release date.

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