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Stepping-Stones to the Red Carpet

image source: 9Honey Celebrity

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Hollywood stars did before they got their A-list celebrity status? You’d be surprised to find that a few of them were actually already in the entertainment industry! Yup, some of the biggest stars worked run-of-the-mill jobs that paved the way for them step into that red carpet. In this listing, we look into three Hollywood high rollers’ first jobs. 

We begin the list with People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2008, Australian actor, and Greatest Showman star, Hugh Jackman. Before he became all of this and embodied the role of Logan, might we add, he was actually a party clown. And not a very good one in his own statement. He recalls in an interview how he worked as Coco the clown while simultaneously being a physical education teacher! Talk about doing the greatest show!

Next on our list also hails from down under, is an incredibly versatile actor, and will celebrate her birthday this month, Nicole Kidman. The actress as won a boatload of awards and began acting in the early 90s. But before the spotlight shined its bright lights on her, she actually ushered cinemagoers to see their favorite films. Yes, the actress was on the other side of the screen, handing out tickets, showing patrons to their seats, etc. We wonder if she ever just wants to sell tickets to Aquaman, you know, just for laughs!

 The daughter of Jon Voight got her chance to shine as a music video extra once upon a time. Have no idea who that is? Let us help you out! We are talking about the one and only Angelina Jolie, American actress, director, and humanitarian who has had a massive impact not only in Hollywood but in her philanthropic work. 

Well there you have it! These three had one foot in the business all along. Now they are award winners and undoubtedly successful in their craft. Did any of those first jobs intrigue you?

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