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The human imagination is a fascinating place. It is filled with a plethora of stories that are just waiting to be written. Writers become authors largely because of their active imagination. But penning a great story is only as good as how the manuscript is published and marketed. That’s where you’ll need help!

For most writers, the next step after creating a brilliant story is publishing. Whether they like to admit it or not, it is a process that could feel like a mind field of choices, wrong turns, dead ends, and detours. But fret not because we have a simple guide that’ll give writers a bird’s eye view into one of the directions that publishing can go. The first step of publishing is most often choosing how you want your work to be published. Writers have three options in that arena. One of them is self-publishing—the most common route that fresh writers take.

Self-publishing, for the author, entails having a hand at every part of the book. That means partnering with a company that will handle the cover designs, editing, layout, and everything else based on the writer’s ideas, concepts, and input. Essentially, they finance their book publication—licensing and all the work that goes into it—while their chosen company does the legwork for them. This is looking at it from a very broad sense.

Unfortunately, what writers may fail to see is that the publishing company they partner with can and will play a huge role in the sales that their book will generate. Thus, self-publishing, more than anything is diving into a whole new world with several outstretched hands ready to grasp your own. All you need to do is pick the hand that you’ll hold on to and that’ll change your life.

If you want to explore your self-publishing options, take a short tour of the sites of our Industry Partners to kickstart your publishing journey!

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