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The Action-Packed Film Industry

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It is easy to surmise that 2021 was and is the age of action and adventure movies. Several surveys and charts point to fact that most of the films produced and released across most streaming platforms as well as in theaters are either action/adventure or action/sci-fi or some other cocktail of action and another film genre.

In a survey conducted by of the highest grossing movie genre of 2021 in North America, the top 3 movie genres are action, adventure, and horror. When compared with the highest grossing films in the last five years, these genres have maintained their spots at the top. The Domestic Theatrical Market survey certainly shows that most audiences are interested and entertained with movies that stir strong emotions like excitement and fear. With this in mind, film producers alike are most probably clamoring for other elements that these top 3 genres can bring to the table.

The Metro films, in particular, is combing through so much material and looking for a masterpiece to ensure that action/adventure genre will keep its throne in the coming years. Its director Mark Alvarez is very picky with the material that he endorses. He is quoted to saying that he is looking for the next big thing after MCU. Now that would be a tough act to follow. Nevertheless, it is clear that the special effects, cinematography, and epic movement of action and adventure films are clearly what make them number 1 in the charts! What is your favorite action movie?

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