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The Reel Women of Hollywood

image source: Variety

The concept of gender equality is a tricky thing to discuss. And it isn’t because the idea itself is complicated. It’s because so many associate it with stereotypes, limitations, and borders. Let us take for example the classic idea that men provide and women tend to the home. This is a belief that has led to prejudice towards women and men alike which luckily is not as prevalent today as it was in the previous centuries.

Let us use the film industry as an example. More to the point, let us go to the man in charge, so to speak. Directing a film was almost always a man’s job. But not anymore. In 2021, the Oscars was graced with the win of Chloe Zhao. She was aptly given the Academy Award for best director for Nomadland, her third feature. Along with it, the title of first Asian woman and second female director was given to her. She is the director of Songs My Brothers Taught Me, The Rider, Nomadland. Most recently, she is with Disney as the director of Eternals.

It is refreshing to see that there are more and more female directors. Emerald Fennell was also nominated in the Oscars for best director for the film Promising Young Woman. It is said that with these nominations, Hollywood is changing. But whether it is or isn’t, the caliber of the movies does not suffer. Female filmmakers are making waves as they are not only directing independent films but also major Hollywood franchises. Some of them include Cathy Yan for Birds of Prey, Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman 1984, and Niki Caro for the latest live action of Mulan.

With these developments, only one thing is for sure. No matter how tricky gender equality can get, it is slowly becoming a reality.

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