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There is a theory that artistic and creative skills are genetic. This means that parents’ artistry and interests can potentially shape the career paths that their children take. This theory is perhaps very true for the Skarsgard family

Stellan Skargard is the father of eight children. He is prominent Swedish actor who began acting as a teenager and is most known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, MCU’s Avengers, specifically in Thor movies, and Mamma Mia! With this overview, it is clear that he has worked on pretty big films with reasonably noticeable roles.

What’s more, three of his eight children are sharing the Hollywood limelight with him. Let’s take a glance at the Skarsgard family, shall we?

Alexander Skarsgard is the eldest son of Stellan, and he is a face that you’ll swoon at. He’s played the irresistible Eric Northman in True Blood, a TV series that ran from 2008-2014. More notably, he played Tarzan in The Legend of Tarzan. He’s also a credited producer, director, and writer!

Bill Skarsgard, unlike Alexander, has a smile that is to die for. He is most notable as the actor who played Pennywise the Dancing Clown in It and It Chapter Two. But more than that, he actually also directed the films. 

The last but never the least Skarsgard on our list today is Gustaf Skarsgard. He is not the last famous Skarsgard in Hollywood by any means, but like his siblings, he is an accomplished actor and director known for the film Vikings, Westworld, and The Way Back. 

The Skarsgard patriarch reportedly always encouraged his children to go after their passions and never pressured them to go into showbusiness. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Skarsgard family is slowly building a Hollywood dynasty!


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