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The Slap

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The 94th Academy Awards was one to remember. It boasted the usual array of celebrities, glamour, and celebration for the winners. What nobody expected though was the live unscripted slap that everybody is talking about! More than the awardees, we might add.

Reactions are ranging from approval, acceptance, and understanding to outrage, disapproval, and denouncement on Will Smith’s part, of course. Where do you stand? Are you on the side of understanding his actions in some way or are you one of the cancel Will Smith train? 

Before you get lost in the sea of photos, videos, and memes circulating on the internet to date, let us revisit what happened. Chris Rock made a joke about Jada—Will Smith’s wife, Will laughed, Jada rolled her eyes, and Will went up on stage to slap Chris across the face—a sound allegedly heard in the entire venue. So what has happened as a result? The Academy banned Will Smith for participating in any of its activities for ten years. And Chris Rock, although coaxed into pressing charges, chose to forgive Will Smith instead and leave lawsuits out of the picture.

Do you think the Academy was too harsh in its punishment? Or do you believe Will should have been sued on top of being banned?

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