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The Smell of a Good Read

image source: Pinterest

Do you prefer reading bound and printed book copies or electronic ones?

This topic is a constant debate among many readers across the world. And as the years progress, it is easy to see that more and more readers are favoring e-books and audio books more than the good old-fashioned printed ones. With the reading generation getting younger and younger, patrons of some lesser known, independent bookstores are getting scarcer and scarcer. However, our American bookstore owners are proving to be much more resilient than expected. Over the pandemic, many independent bookstores have begun to sell their books online and provide their patrons with unique reading experiences in their shops. Nonetheless, many of the bookstores showcased below are filling pages for their ingenuity.

Here are three of the many independent bookstores you might want to visit on your next road trip across state lines (or across the street).

  • One with nature, Bart’s Books (Ojai, California) is biggest outdoor bookstore in the world. It has over 130,000 new and used books in different topics. it is conveniently located under shaded stalls, making it a pleasant browsing experience for readers in all weather conditions.
  • Everyday story time is the best way that The King’s English Bookshop has gained popularity in modern times. It has a large children’s room in an eight-room old house in the suburban neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The Potter’s House will fill give you good reads plus food! This bookstore in Washington D.C. not only houses a variety of books but gives food to patrons as well allegedly even when they cannot pay for it!
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